Tin mới: 10 bài thơ của nữ nhà thơ Mariela Cordero đến từ VENEZUELA (TEN POEMS BY MARIELA CORDERO FROM VENEZUELA)

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Mariela Cordero (from Valencia, Venezuela), là một luật sư, nhà thơ, nhà văn, dịch giả và nghệ sĩ thị giác. Thơ của cô đã được xuất bản trong một số tuyển tập quốc tế. Cô đã nhận được một số danh hiệu trong số đó: Giải ba về thơ Alejandra Pizarnik Argentina (2014). Giải nhất cuộc thi thơ Iberoamerican II Euler Granda, Ecuador (2015).

Giải Nhì Thơ Concorso Letterario Internazionale Bilingüe Tracceperlameta Edizioni, Ý (2015) Giải Bài thơ nhỏ bằng tiếng Tây Ban Nha của cuộc thi III TRANSPalabr@RTE 2015. Giải Nhất Cuộc thi Thơ Quốc tế #AniversarioPoetasHispanos đề cập đến chất lượng văn học, Tây Ban Nha (2016). Chung kết Giải thơ Quốc tế Aco Karamanow, Macedonia (2022) Giải Văn học Thế giới Rahim Karim (2022).


Nhà thơ Mariela Cordero đến từ VENEZUELA (photo: Jhon Gonzalez)

Cô đã xuất bản các tập thơ: El cuerpo de la duda Editorial Publicarte, Caracas,Venezuela(2013) và Transfigurar es un país que amas (Biên tập Dos Islas, Miami, United States (2020). Cô đã tham gia một số cuộc họp văn học quốc tế và các lễ hội, trong số đó: Lễ hội Princeton, Lễ hội thơ quốc tế Parque Chas, Lễ hội quốc tế Tưởng niệm văn học Bitola, Lễ hội thơ quốc tế Xochimilco, Lễ hội Fusagusagá Colombia lần thứ X. Các bài thơ của cô đã được dịch sang tiếng Hindi, tiếng Séc, tiếng Estonia, tiếng Serbia, tiếng Shona, Tiếng Uzbek, tiếng Rumani, tiếng Macedonia, tiếng Hàn, tiếng Do Thái, tiếng Bengal, tiếng Anh, tiếng Ả Rập, tiếng Trung, tiếng Nga, tiếng Ba Lan. Cô ấy hiện đang điều phối các phần #PoesíaVenezolana và #PoetasdelMundo trong Revista Abierta de Poesía Poémame (Tây Ban Nha). Dưới đây là 10 bài thơ bằng tiếng Anh của cô ấy:

Mariela Cordero. (from Valencia, Venezuela) is a lawyer, poet, writer, translator and visual artist. Her poetry has been published in several international anthologies.She has received some distinctions among them:Third Prize of Poetry Alejandra Pizarnik Argentina (2014). First Prize in the II Iberoamerican Poetry Contest Euler Granda, Ecuador (2015). Second Prize of Poetry Concorso Letterario Internazionale Bilingüe Tracceperlameta Edizioni, Italy (2015) Award Micropoems in Spanish of the III contest TRANSPalabr@RTE 2015.First Place in International Poetry Contest #AniversarioPoetasHispanos mention literary quality, Spain (2016). Finalist Aco Karamanow International Poetry Prize, Macedonia (2022) Rahim Karim World Literary Prize (2022). She has published the collections of poems: El cuerpo de la duda Editorial Publicarte, Caracas,Venezuela(2013) and Transfigurar es un país que amas (Editorial Dos Islas, Miami,United States (2020). She has participated in several international literary meetings and festivals, among them: The Princeton Festival, International Poetry Festival Parque Chas, International Festival Bitola Literary Remembrance, International Poetry Festival Xochimilco, X Iberoamerican Festival of Fusagusagá Colombia. Her poems have been translated into Hindi, Czech, Estonian, Serbian, Shona, Uzbek, Romanian, Macedonian, Korean, Hebrew, Bengali, English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Polish. She currently coordinates the sections #PoesíaVenezolana and #PoetasdelMundo in the Revista Abierta de Poesía Poémame (Spain). Here are her 10 poems in English:

Ten Poems Mariela Cordero (Venezuela)

1. The packs.

When you first stepped

the soil of the capsizing kingdom

you forgot

your inherited signs.

You didn’t raise your eyes again

to conjure the sky

and filled with flesh and earth

you eluded the inapprehensible map

of the stars

always in exodus.

The old religion was demolished

and never heard again

the incessant breathing

of your morals

without cracks.

You multiplied

in the feast

of cuts and tears.

You followed the course of the packs.


you have no name.

2. Interruption of the Light

When the lights went out

Our hearts were inhabited by fateful fables

the night-once beloved-was baptized

by the sowing of panic

We were close to one another

And blood spread in the penumbra

Like an allurign perfume.

Many navigated by scent

And desired to bathe in a convulsing red river

When the lights returned,hours later

We didnt recognize our faces

Splashed with the bestial grins.

Our land was filled with bodies,


We listened to moans of pain,

Saw our hands stained with blame

And it was too late when we discovered

That we,too,were fatally wounded.

3. Victim.

You show your obscene weakness


your most sacred fragility

You knock on old condemned doors

and kneel in the elements


you aspire to enjoy the definitive and intimate



4. Apprentice.

For each day

a baptism of fire

avid trials

and unbreathable aftermath.

You burn

in the perpetual lesson

and in unrelenting dread.

You fear

that in the other


you will remain


5. Surrender.


like a story that melts


the wrinkle and the scar

to reveal also

the strong smile of the body

to give to drink the cloudy water of the heart.



with no other attire than the candle

of the indomitable eyes,


as one who surrenders

to death.

6. Your body or a distant country.

The maps as a fragile truce,

are made of scattered atoms.

To reach your boundaries and touch your skin

I must discover

The burning zones and the shortcuts of the random.

The lubricious compass will expel me

to the center

of the anointed war of love.

I will arrive to lose myself between

the sacredness and the whirlwind.

The ancient spiral of desire

still devouring pulsations.

The heart is an arrow and a target.

Your body is a distant country

7. What has not passed you.

You seek in me the unannounced and your eyes exhale a circular plea.

The persistent fog of that which has not pierced you

Corrupt your clean certainty.

You seek in me what hurts,

That wild trait that hurts to touch.

The incommunicable, which subsists


By the beautiful wrapping and the plastic stars.

What you catch in the middle of the smoke

If you get the exact hunter blow.

What the indomitable grid expels

of a dark and brief sea.

You seek the matter pulsating and elusive.

And finally sweating

shaken by chaos

you give yourself

to that which has no name.

8. To die is to change.

You are dead,

You do not scatter

At the endless fair.

The masks fell to the ground.

The hustle broke with the fall.

The beings you believed sewed to your days

Are yellowish diffuse images.

The voice you loved

Is an echo of interference

The face you loved

Is a gray and remote abstract work

Which collapses mercilessly.

And your life so polluted

Of spotted noises

Now it is a bright and clean emptiness

And the colors you are looking for

And the smells you sack

And everything that makes your blood move today

Has transformed you into another

in front of the mirror.

9. The irreducible feast.

Looks of gloom

dirty the climate

and attempt against your fragile look of love.

The scent of helplessness reigns

strangling the perfume that exhales your pulse.

The hunger of so many who forgot

their own signs of light

draws close to you,

to devour the flame

which only feeds you

In you there is a sweetness stained with crime,

in the center of aridity you hide a garden.

While outside you only breathe

the terrified silence

there is music on fire

swirling in your veins.

Your love is a feast


in the midst of the massacre.

10. You once followed the course of the packs.

You once followed the course of the packs

guided by that smell of furrows

possessed by the dizziness that was spilling

above the crowd

You learned to bite

and to dismember as the others.

You drank the revelation water late.

You killed your own in the dark.

You were part

of the weakness that you devoured

you were

the prey.

-These poems belong to the unpublished book The Long Night of the Packs. Finalist in the Aco Karamanov International Poetry Prize (Macedonia, 2022).

Mariela Cordero